3 plank options for strong core muscles

3 plank options for strong core muscles

By using three sets of plank-based exercises, you will strengthen the abs, arms, and shoulders and increase abdominal stability.

Why you should try them

Many core exercises are based on flexing and lengthening the body: raising the body in a press, various twists, and turns. There is nothing wrong with these exercises, they increase the mobility and strength of the muscles.

However, isometric loads (movements in which you strive to maintain a static position) pump not only muscular strength but also core stability, which has a positive effect on sports performance.

This is necessary for many team sports: football, hockey, rugby. When you’re chasing an opponent at full speed and they suddenly turn the other way, you need to instantly overcome the forward momentum to go around where your opponent ran, and this requires strong core muscles.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to completely abandon the flexion and rotation of the back. Isometrics is just one of many bodybuilding tools. Just know that rigidity and stability are sometimes preferable to mobility.

We’ll show you several plank variations that will test your sense of balance, strength, and ability to breathe properly. By exercising in this way, you will learn how to better transfer efforts through your core muscles, which will increase your athletic performance.

Plank push-ups

Plank push-ups
  • Get into an upright position
  • Slowly lower yourself into a push-up
  • Quickly come out of the push-up and extend your right arm forward
  • Hold the bar as long as possible, trying to maintain the correct position and not lose the rigidity of the body
  • When you feel that you can no longer hold the correct position, lower your hand and repeat from the beginning, but this time raise your left hand
  • The wider the stance, the easier the exercise

Plank alphabet

Plank alphabet

In this exercise, you actually only lean on one hand while keeping your body rigid and stationary, moving the other hand at different speeds.

  • Lie stressed, place your right hand on a sliding surface such as a piece of cloth
  • Trying to maintain the correct position, “draw” with your right hand the letters of the alphabet from A to Z
  • Do not hold your breath, press so that your plank does not “droop” and do not relax the muscles of the hips
  • When you have finished “drawing” the alphabet with your right hand, move the floating surface under your left hand and do the same

“Archer” in plank

"Archer" in plank

For this exercise, you will need an expander.

  • Hook the expander on a fixed object not far from the ground
  • Stand in a lying emphasis at a distance of two steps from a stationary object and take an expander in your hand
  • Stretch the hand with the expander forward to release the tension
  • Bend your arm and pull your elbow towards the belt, hold for a few seconds and extend your arm forward again
  • Do 5-10 pulls and switch hands
  • During execution, the core muscles remain rigid and tense, breathing is even
  • The wider you place your feet, the easier it will be to keep your balance

Add these exercises to your workouts. They have a gentle effect on the body, do not put too much stress on the joints, allow you to effectively work out the core muscles, and improve their performance.