Workout of the Day: 3 Simple Supersets to Perfect Your Arms and Shoulders

Workout of the Day: 3 Simple Supersets to Perfect Your Arms and Shoulders

A great way to do all the flexion, extension, and wiring with dumbbells in the shortest possible time.

This complex is designed for those who want to maintain and increase the volume of their arms and shoulders in a short workout. Instead of separate isolated movements for the biceps, triceps, and different heads of the deltoid muscles that cover the shoulder joint, you can do three supersets and pump all the small muscles of your upper body at once.

How to do a workout

The workout consists of the following movements:

  1. Press the dumbbell bench forward and upward
  2. One-sided push-ups for triceps
  3. The biceps curl and the shoulder rotates outward

Exercise in a superset: do each one after the other without rest 15 times. Then rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat the superset, but this time complete the exercises 12 times. After resting, do the final superset, performing each move 8 times.

How to do the exercises

1. Dumbbell bench press forward and overhead

Since there is no complete rest phase in this exercise and the muscles are under pressure throughout the set, you can work with light weights and still provide a good load to the shoulders. The front press tires the front deltas and also loads the pectoral muscles. Pressing up also engages the chest, pumps all the delta heads, and works the triceps well.

Sit on a bench or chair, raise the dumbbells to shoulder level – this is the starting position. Drop your shoulders, tighten your abs, and squeeze your shells forward with your arms extended until your elbows are fully extended. Return the dumbbells to their original position and push them up. Keep your hands with your fingers facing each other, regardless of the phase of the exercise.

You can work standing or sitting. In the latter option, it will be easier to prevent the lower back from unnecessarily deviating.

2. Triceps push-ups

This functional move effectively pumps the shoulders and at the same time does not pose a risk to the shoulder joints, unlike reverse push-ups on the bench. In addition to the triceps, it also loads the oblique muscles of the abdomen and shoulders.

Lie on your side, place your hand closest to the floor on the opposite side, and place the palm of your other hand on the floor at shoulder level. The farther the palm of your hand is from your head, the easier it will be to do the exercise.

Pressing your palm against the floor, unfold your arm until it is fully extended at the elbow and lower back. Focus on the work of the triceps – feel how each focus tightens.

3. Rotation of the dumbbells out

The exercise simultaneously pumps the biceps of the shoulders and back deltas. Biceps work concentrically, both as you lift the weight and isometrically – when you keep your elbow at a right angle during extension and eccentrically – when you return your arms to their original position.

Rotation of the dumbbells out

Take weights in your hands and rotate your wrists with your fingers away from you. Bend your elbows and raise your forearms to a right angle at your elbows. Extend your forearms out to the sides, keeping your elbows close to your body, and then repeat the whole thing in reverse – step forward and lower back to the starting position.

Move slowly and under control. Drop your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades together to engage your upper back muscles as you lift. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use expanders. The biceps will receive less of a load, but will continue to function in a static state.